Welcome to the Land of Enormous Caribbean Avocados

Mother Natural really knew what she was doing with these green giants. Every islander’s favorite keto-friendly, low maintenance snack is a Caribbean avocado. Unlike it’s tinier, more expensive counterpart (sorry Haas avos, we still love you), the ginormous avocados you find in the Virgin Islands are just plain better.

Between its perfectly creamy texture and its larger-than-life size, we’d be crazy not to rave about our favorite breakfast, snack, spread, appetizer…you get the point. The STOCKED gourmet chefs have a few favorites ways to serve avocado in the Caribbean.

Our Tropical Twist on Traditional Guacamole

Don’t get us wrong, the classic cantina favorite still has a special place in our hearts. It’s hard to live in paradise and not get the urge to throw a ‘lil something more in the mix. Take a look at the STOCKED chef’s take on everyone’s favorite app.


2 medium Caribbean avocados

2 cups pineapple, diced

2 jalapenos, minced and seeded

1 Roma tomato, diced with pulp discarded

A handful of fresh cilantro, chopped

Fresh lime juice

3 cloves of minced garlic

Sea salt

Ground pepper

Round out your avo experience with housemade tortilla chips and a gourmet Painkiller cocktail kit. Trust us, this is a match made in Caribbean heaven.

Indulge in On-trend Avocado Toast

Don’t just do it for the ‘gram, do it for your health and flavor palate. Avocado toast comes in a million different forms, but we keep it simple around these parts. It starts with freshly baked bread straight from the STOCKED kitchen. Not too thin and not too thick, but juuust right.

We source local avocados, red onion and tomato at their peak ripeness. It’s important to sample every single ingredient on its own before creating a recipe, especially when it comes to fresh produce.


1 Caribbean avocado (equals about two Haas avocados)

½ red onion, diced

2 Roma tomatoes, diced with pulp discarded

A handful of crumbled Feta cheese

A squeeze of fresh lemon

Sea salt

Ground pepper

Delicately mash the avocado flesh and lemon juice with a pestle and mortar. Use a spoon to combine the onion, tomato, salt and pepper. Finally, mix in the fresh Feta.

Ginormous Avocados give Healthy Eating a Whole New Meaning

Calling all vegans, vegetarians and keto enthusiasts! Caribbean avocados simply check all the boxes. Eat them plain like a local or mix them up with one of our go-to recipes. However you do it, avocados play a key part in weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels and providing essential nutrients.

When you come to St Thomas or St John, get your avocado fix without having to brave the aisles of the grocery store. Work with the STOCKED gourmet island experts to curate your perfect Caribbean meal plan.