The Right Way to Eat a Pineapple

Spoiler alert — there’s not just one way! Videos of clever techniques to peel a pineapple have consumed Twitter and Facebook the past few weeks. Cool? Yes. Practical? We’re here to test a few different methods and give you our unbiased opinion.

For the chefs at STOCKED, simplicity is the name of the game. We love to transform fresh, organic ingredients into gourmet meals. Contrary to popular opinion, five-star dishes don’t always require a confusing recipe or laundry list of ingredients. That’s where simple prep techniques come in.

A Chef’s Tried-and-True Opinion on the Best Way to Eat a Pineapple

1. Pineapple Pull Apart Method (Thanks, Internet.)

First, it’s important to use a fully ripe pineapple. That means as yellow as possible. Like lemon yellow. Use a paring knife to remove the crown, cutting in a zig-zag motion to follow the natural grooves in the fruit. *Pro Tip: Don’t throw that pineapple crown in the trash. Place it in some potting soil and water it to grow a new pineapple.

Once the crown is off, you can easily see the individual pieces of fruit. Before you attempt what you saw on Twitter, place the pineapple on its side and use pressure to roll it. This loosens the pineapple pulp and releases juices.

Place the pineapple right side up and use your thumbs to push in the segments around the top of the crown. Put some muscle into it!

Pick the yellowest top segment you can find and use your fingernail to pull it off. This only works if the pineapple is really ripe. (And if you have sharp fingernails.)

2. Fruit-Saving Spiral Method

Use a chef’s knife to cut off the crown and base of the pineapple. Then, use the same knife to peel off a micro-thin layer of skin around the fruit. This exposes the “flower cups.”

Place the pineapple on its side and remove the eyes (flower cups), following the natural spiral pattern. This technique is used to preserve as much fruit as possible.

Cut the pineapple lengthwise down the middle, then cut lengthwise again down the middle of each piece. Remove the sliver of core in each piece. Next, cut vertically into individual triangles.

3. Straightforward Method

This is extremely similar to the fruit-saving spiral method. First, cut off the crown and base. Instead of cutting off an extremely thin layer of skin to expose the eyes, simply remove a thicker layer. This eliminates the need to remove the eyes.

The rest of the process is the same. Cut down the middle, remove the core then cut into individual pieces.

The STOCKED No Nonsense Pineapple Peeling Verdict

Drumroll, please…

Method numero uno is totally a fad. While it might look cool on social media, it is not a realistic way to casually enjoy a pineapple. Save yourself and your friends some trouble and just use a knife to cut it into pieces.

Our professional favorite has to be method number three. It’s practical, takes the least amount of time and gets the job done. As a gourmet food prep service for our Virgin Islands visitors, the STOCKED crew is always looking for fun new ways to use our locally sourced ingredients. While method one was fun to try, we needed a nap from all the hard work. (Not that there’s anything wrong with a nap.)

What do YOU think? Drop us a comment below with your favorite way to enjoy this island snack.