Since We Love Caribbean Rum, Let’s Talk about Caribbean Rum Cake

Caribbean Rum Cake

Some people like to drink their calories while others want to plain ‘ol eat them. We prefer to do both! We hate to break it to you, but a trip to the Caribbean doesn’t bode well with counting calories. After a few Painkiller cocktails and a slice of Caribbean rum cake, that diet of yours will be a thing of the past.

The STOCKED crew partners with My Brother’s Workshop, a nonprofit for at-risk youth in the Virgin Islands, to bring gourmet rum cakes to travelers like you. You need to actually be in the islands to taste this cake, but since a slice is in our belly right now…

Get Your Dessert Fix and Give Back to the Local Community

Creamy butter, local rum and sweet cane sugar work together to bring this island staple to the plates of St Thomas and St John visitors. The kids in the My Brother’s Workshop program experience gourmet chef training to bake the perfect Caribbean bundt (and boy, do they know their way around a kitchen!)

Dark Cruzan rum straight from the Virgin Islands is what makes this cake so flippin’ good. The STOCKED gourmet chefs source local ingredients to create the perfect flavor profile. Between rum created at a nearby distillery to eggs from a local farm, you’re in for a true Caribbean treat.

When you purchase MBW products through your online STOCKED order, a percentage of the profit supports this important mission.

Pair Your Caribbean Rum Cake with a STOCKED Cocktail Kit

After-dinner drinks and boozy brunches are a real thing and we’re totally on board. Enjoy your Caribbean rum cake with a chef-blended cocktail for an even sweeter treat. Pair a slice of moist rum cake with a classic Painkiller for the perfect digestif or start your morning right with a Bloody Mary and a sliver of Caribbean cake.

That’s another great thing about visiting the Virgin Islands — we don’t care when you pour a cocktail and we certainly don’t care how many slices of cake you eat. Some of our neighbors pour their first Caribbean rum cocktail early in the morning, others indulge in a late night slice of cake. Who cares? We’re in paradise!

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too here in the Virgin Islands

Your island adventure shouldn’t be spent in line at the grocery store and it certainly shouldn’t be spent baking a cake. That’s where the STOCKED team comes in. We bring you top-quality ingredients and island-favorite indulgences to make your trip a sweet one.

Want to stock your villa shelves before you arrive? Smart cookie. Reach out to the STOCKED chefs today to start your grocery delivery.

*photo provided by King Arthur Flour.