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Provisioning Company

A provisioning company can supply fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, beverages, meal kits, and local produce at your villa or yacht. This way, you can free yourself from the worry of doing grocery shopping on your vacations. Also, it provides a gateway between you and top local markets by getting you the best of everything. Read on to find some more reasons for using a provisioning company in St. Thomas.

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Save Time with a Provisioning Company

Imagine that you’ve arrived at St. Thomas or St. John after a long, tiring day of travel. And now the routine tasks of doing grocery shopping is waiting for you here as well. Sounds like a big turn off to start your vacation excitement, right? Because this is all that you have been doing back at home. While vacations are meant to free you up from such chores, so you can give yourself some free time.

If you want to avoid this during your holidays, STOCKED is here to help! We are a trusted provisioning and gourmet delivery company in St. Thomas and can take away the headache of stocking up your yacht or villa with fresh local foods and beverages. So that you can enjoy your hard-earned holidays in St. Thomas to the fullest.

Here are some great reasons why you need a food provisioning company upon your visit to the Island:

1) Connecting You to The Local Markets

A gourmet provisioning company can connect you to the local markets and cuisines. It can also provide fresh produce, meat, seafood, and beverages straight to your luxury yacht or villa. After all, you planned this visit not only to relax in the aesthetic environment but also to enjoy local foods.

Some might argue that they can find everything on their own. Of course, you can do this. But first, you need to go to the markets and perform a hectic search to get what you want. But what about your bucket list activities that you planned to do at the Caribbean? The truth is, nobody wants to spend such boring and unattractive vacations where they can’t manage to relax properly. A professional gourmet company, on the other hand, can get the job done for you. And you are left with a refrigerator stocked with essentials and plenty of time to explore the Island!

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2) Taste Fresh and Local Produce

A provisioning company can also connect to the best local vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood with exceptional quality. This is because they have formed contracts with growers, fishmongers, meat and beverage suppliers. And strive to get you the best of everything this amazing Island has to offer. All of this becomes possible because of their well-established network and years of experience in the field. While a vacationer cannot get this much exposure to the local food and drinks through individual research. The VI has a strong agricultural program.

St. Thomas is also a top spot to enjoy delicious Caribbean rum and other luxury wines and beers. A provisioning company also has a large stock of very best beverages to fit all tastes and budget. They can also deliver these liquors straight to your villa or yacht. And you are only left with the task of creating lifetime memories on the Island.


3) Special Diets

With the increasing awareness about the importance of healthy-eating, more and more people are changing their diets to healthier ones. Therefore, people are sometimes worried that vacations can ruin their diet plans that they have been following for months.  But a provisioning company can get you any special dietary to match your needs. This way, you can return home by becoming a healthier version of yourself!

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4) Peace of Mind

With a provisioning company taking care of your eating and drinking needs, you can get plenty of time to do all that you love. It can be visiting the top historical places, treasuring hunting, snorkeling or simply lying under the sunshine beside a St. Thomas beach.

STOCKED is also a trusted provisioning company in St. Thomas and specialize at supplying everything you need during your vacation. Every produce, meal kit or liquor that we provide is handpicked freshest and of top quality. With STOCKED working by your side, you can relax and enjoy your Caribbean vacations to the fullest!


5) Online Ordering

Stocked VI offers a simple online order form to make your selections super easy.  Simply select the items you want, pay a $100 deposit and delivery fee and we will take it from there.  We will have your items waiting for you on the date and time you request.