Why are Caribbean Bananas so Small?

Caribbean Bananas

The size of your banana says a whole lot. Just to clarify, we’re talking about the difference between the fruit found on the mainland versus the Caribbean Banana we eat in the islands. There’s a good chance what you see in the produce section at your local supermarket is 100-percent manmade. We’re all about manmade here in the islands, but only when it comes to cocktails and gourmet food!

Go Bananas Over the Little Ones — Here’s Why

“Burro” and “Baby” Bananas grow in tropical locales like the Caribbean. They’re a couple of inches smaller and fatter than what you find in the States. 95-percent of banana exports in the world are Cavendish, which is a hybrid banana species created in fancy labs. You know what kind of bananas we use at STOCKED? The short, flavorful ones that grow straight from the earth.

So, why the size difference? Here ya go:

Natural Shapes Don’t Always Match Human Preference

Caribbean bananas obtain all the nutrients and flavor that bananas are supposed to have. Over the years, manmade hybrids have lost their mineral content, which takes away the benefits associated with brain function, bone health and weight loss.

When it comes to simple gourmet dishes like Bananas Foster and fresh fruit crêpes, high-quality organic ingredients make all the difference. STOCKED sources local produce, like Baby Bananas, for every dish we prepare.

Sourced From Small Farms that Care

STOCKED partners with producers around the Caribbean that believe Mother Nature knows best. We take farm-to-table to heart because we care about our clients. From a simple fruit salad to gourmet delicacies, the food you eat from a STOCKED delivery contains the freshest and most natural ingredients we can get our hands on.

Local farmers produce crops of bananas two-to-five inches long. We buy bananas from these local partners and use the fruit at each stage of maturity. We boil them when they’re bright green and serve them raw when fully mature. Compared to Cavendish Bananas found nearly everywhere else in the world, Caribbean Bananas pack robust flavors no matter their ripeness.

Eat Local, No Matter Your Destination

Caribbean Bananas are one of many all-natural foods we use to create appetizers, entrees and desserts. Locals and travelers alike will taste the difference of a responsibly-sourced STOCKED meal. Want to take your experience one step further? Our team of professional chefs delivers straight to your yacht deck. There’s just nothing better than combining gourmet food and island hopping.

Ready to eat like a (pampered) islander? Get your fix of fresh, gourmet food right here on St. Thomas — straight from the STOCKED kitchen.