Caribbean Rum Delivery

Caribbean Rum

Do you wake up every morning and drink a glass of water? Swap the water for rum and you might as well call yourself an islander! Caribbean rum is the lifeblood of good times and bad here on St Thomas and St John. Locals don’t drink to get drunk, though. (Ok, most locals don’t.)

Our rum is so good and inexpensive here in the Virgin Islands that we just can’t help ourselves. When it’s cheaper than milk and sourced on local soil, it’d be foolish not to embrace our natural resources.

Rum is an Island Artform (and Dare We Say Healthier than an Apple?)

Oh yeah, we went there. Traditional, pure Caribbean rum boasts serious health benefits. One tour of a rum factory here in the islands and you’ll understand why the distilling processes are so special. Islanders make rum in these small factories with fresh sugar cane or molasses and oak barrels used for generations.

Great rum is smooth, full-flavored and delicious. It doesn’t just taste dang good, though. Rum consumed responsibly can increase good cholesterol, prevent heart attacks, decrease muscle pain and make your bones stronger. Seriously, we could go on and on about the impressive health benefits.

One of our favorite perks of a shot or two of rum is that it fights the common cold. Next time you feel a little under the weather, check out the STOCKED pre-mixed cocktail kits. A glass of rum a day keeps the doctor away… or something like that.

Caribbean Rum is Good for Much More than Cocktails

If you haven’t tried a real Tortuga Rum Cake, you haven’t really lived. The STOCKED team of gourmet chefs use St Thomas and St John rum in many of our fresh sauces, desserts and entrees. Gourmet food delivery on St Thomas and St John is the perfect way to experience the Caribbean. If you’re going to be in the islands, make the most of your trip with locally sourced and locally prepared foods.

We’re all about drinking our calories, too. Dark and light rum are staple ingredients in island cocktails like Rum Punch and the world famous Painkiller. Want to know our favorite way to drink Caribbean rum? Straight up with a squeeze of lime, just how Hemingway liked it.

Shop Local, Eat Local, Sip Local

The best way to vacation in the islands is to fully immerse yourself in the people and culture. Whether you charter a yacht for the week or stay in a luxe villa, gourmet food delivery is the way to go.

Ready to make the most of your time on St Thomas and St John? Get in touch with the STOCKED team today to begin your custom order.

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