How to Make a Classic Soggy Dollar Painkiller

Soggy Dollar Painkiller Recipe

You don’t have to swim ashore on Jost Van Dyke to sip this classic Caribbean cocktail! Okay, okay. Even with the perfect recipe and the right ingredients, it won’t be as good if you’re sitting on the couch at home. What can we say, there’s just something about Soggy Dollar Bar that makes the Painkiller so special.

While we can’t transport you to the BVI bar that makes this drink so extraordinary, we can give you the next best thing. Take a look at the locals-only original recipe and cocktail kit for the Caribbean’s favorite craft drink.

Simple Steps to Your New Favorite Summer Cocktail — Soggy Dollar Painkiller Recipe

If you can’t visit the notorious beachside bar, a gourmet cocktail kit is the answer. Locally-sourced island ingredients and chef-created recipes make these cocktails as close to the real thing as you can get.


2 to 4 Ounces Pusser’s Rum (Any dark rum will work, but this is what the islanders use.)

4 Ounces Fresh Pineapple Juice

1 Ounce Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice

1 Ounce Cream of Coconut

Grated Fresh Nutmeg (Don’t cut corners and use the standard store-bought stuff.)

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the first four ingredients. Shake vigorously. Pour into cocktail glasses (or pay homage to Soggy Dollar and use plastic cups).

This is the most important part — use a Microplane to grate the fresh nutmeg on the surface of each cocktail.

Chef-Blended Mixes for Famous Tropical Cocktails

Searching for authentic, organic island ingredients at your local grocery store is certainly an option. We hate to break it to ‘ya, but you’ll end up spending way too much money for sub-par ingredients. Queue the STOCKED chef-blended cocktail mix.

Fresh local nutmeg is the crown jewel of a traditional Painkiller. The reason this cocktail tastes so good in the islands is because the ingredients can only be sourced here. STOCKED cocktail mixes include every local ingredient you need to bring the Painkiller to life from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Check out our other mixes for world famous cocktails. Choose from Rum Punch, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary and Mimosa with a selection of fresh island fruit juices. Place an order and you’ll have a fresh, locally-sourced cocktail kit in no time.

A huge thank you to Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke for sharing its secrets. The islands wouldn’t be famous without you!